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13-Jun-2018 10:08

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MCFLY star Danny Jones turned his childhood love of music into a chart-topping career.But the new judge of The Voice Kids has revealed how school bullies almost made him give up his passion.

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To break something that was so magical and was a structure and a base for you, and just to see your mum so upset, is a hard thing.” In the trailer for The Voice Kids, we see Jones reduced to tears by one contestant whose story had personal resonances for him.“It’s a powerful thing; to have something solidified in your life is kind of cool.”He might be happily married and in his early thirties now, but Jones still enjoys the occasional bit of rock star behaviour.“We still have it in us; I have rock and roll moments with my friends to this day,” he says.”I still like to have a good time and enjoy it ...But Danny insists he was pleasantly surprised by how well the contestants coped with rejection.

Danny said: “We try and give them the most positive feedback we can while trying to be as honest as we can.

’ Stupid stuff,” the Bolton singer, now 31, reveals. If I didn’t have the private lessons going on in the background I probably would have given it up completely, if it wasn’t for my mum and my family believing in me.” With his Instagram account depicting exotic travels, recording studio japes and Jones on stage in front of thousands of adoring fans, the upbeat star clearly had the last laugh after he left Thornleigh Salesian College in 2002.