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10-Feb-2018 19:26

I'm certainly not the dumbest woman to ever walk down the pike! Zimmerman, here's a rude awakening for you because I am not drying your dishes.' But you have to realize, Andrea, it was a different time.One afternoon, Paul opened the door for his father with a dish towel in his hand and his father said, ' Paul, that is not a man's work. Your grandfather was raised that work was a man's job and anything having to do with the house was female. When we went on our honeymoon in 1946 and got to our hotel in New York, Paul put his suitcase down and I said, ' Aren't you going to unpack?ON NOT TALKING ABOUT "IT": Your grandfather shielded me from some things. When I would go with him to these cosmetic conferences – he worked in the cosmetic business – I can remember driving home and saying, ' Hey Paul, you know that couple sitting at the bar?Do you know that they were gone for a good hour, hour and a half together?' And he said: ' Well, of course, but I didn't think you had noticed!

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Dear sweet, sweet, beautiful grandmother Bette, By this point, I'm sure you've joyously reunited with Grandad, Aunt Dot, and Uncle John and you're filling them in on the last few years over a few draft beers. Have one for me and tell everyone I’m healthy and happy and started a blog, okay?When I see your grandfather in heaven, I'm going to talk to him because we never had that kind of sex!I think if Paul read that book, he'd think, Oh my gosh!Put that dish towel down.' And I stood there and I didn't say mum, but when we came home, I said, ' What did your dad tell you? ' And he said, ' My mother always did that for me.' And I looked at him, in shock, and said: ' Not anymore, Paul.

You unpack your suitcase and I'll unpack my suitcase.' And when he opened his suitcase, would you believe, everything had tissue paper between it! ' And he said, ' No, my mother packed it for me.' And I said, ' Remember when I told you I wouldn't unpack your suitcase?

She was always well-dressed and mannered but all the while enjoyed the company of her grandchildren.

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