Updating bios for asus motherboard

12-Apr-2018 14:38

updating bios for asus motherboard-77

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If not, you can try the update again, or simply flash back to an earlier release.

That completes today’s “how to” – BIOS updates have never been easier!

Hit the BIOS button and you’ll see an LED indicator begin to flash.

Leave the process running for a minute or two while the update completes.

Just plug a USB drive holding the BIOS update into a specific port on the motherboard, hit a button on the rear of the PC and you’re off and running.

While this certainly offers convenience, the real benefit of BIOS Flashback is PC recovery. You can use an ASUS tool like ASUS Ai Suite 3 to hunt down the latest BIOS release, or simply head over to the company’s support website to download the software.

Many ASUS motherboards offer a feature called BIOS Flashback.Instead of stating exactly what they fix, they typically having something along the lines of "CPU Compatibility Upgrades" or "Stability Fixes".This is frustrating, as it hides what particular changes were made in a BIOS update.That means you must rename the downloaded file to something specific to ensure it works.

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Each motherboard required a different filename, which is mentioned in your motherboard manual. Once the file is renamed, it can be copied over to a USB drive.

Once the USB drive is connected, power down the PC.