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By continuing to move animals into “sociological visibility” (Oakley 1974:5), the discipline cannot fail but to be enriched.

"Symbolic Interactionism and Politics in Systemic Perspective." Sociological Inquiry 42, nos. (Also in Perspectives on Political Sociology, edited by A.

Their behavior was directed toward achieving simple goals such as acquiring food or defending territory, but because they were unable to use language, their behavior was devoid of meaning. Interestingly, one of Mead’s colleagues at the University of Chicago did acknowledge the role animals could play in sociological analysis.

In a little-known paper entitled "The Culture of Canines," Read Bain (1929) criticized the anthropocentrism of sociology and advocated the development of an "animal sociology." In his article Bain maintained that: “Just as animal intelligent and emotional behavior, anatomical and physiological structure and function, and group life, have their correlates in human behavior, so the dividing line between animal and human culture is likewise vague and arbitrary” (555). the influence of animals, or their import for, our social behavior, our relationships with other humans, and the directions which our social enterprise often takes” (339). A key stage in the legitimation of the topic within sociology occurred in 2002 when, after some five years of application, petitioning, and denial, the "Animals and Society" section was established in the American Sociological Association (see Nibert 2003).

As sociologists continue to attend to the “zoological connection” and recognize that we live in “mixed species societies” in which nonhuman animals play a key role, sociology will extend its substantive and theoretical boundaries. "Beyond Mead: Symbolic Interaction between Humans and Felines." 23 (3): 46-68. He is author of From Hire to Liar: The Role of Deception in the Workplace (Cornell University Press, 2007), co-author (with Gary Alan Fine) of Talking Sociology 5th edition (Allyn and Bacon, 2002) and co-editor (with Ira Silver) of Academic Street Smarts: Informal Professionalization of Graduate Students (American Sociological Association 2008).His scholarship addresses the subjects of deception, impression management and symbolic interaction.Self and Society is not a distillation of textbook knowledge, but rather, a thoughtful, well-organized presentation that makes its own contribution to the advancement of symbolic interactionism. Hewitt is Professor (Emeritus) of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

He received his Ph D in Sociology from Princeton University.

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