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24-Feb-2018 08:24

In response to these women, might I add that they confessed later that they were NOT in the dating world much and confessed being in a relationship for more than 2 years - not great people to get DATING advice from.

They don't know whats going on in the real dating world anymore.

It is designed to help you become an alpha-male that can attract women to your personality. I've now become a man that has power and choice when it comes to dating and women.

It helps you to overcome barriers such as an unattractive appearance, and helps you overcome your shyness. I never used to be able to pick out a woman, walk up, and get a phone number within two minutes. I feel a sense of empowerment that only came after I read David Deangelo's ebook Double Your Dating.

Parts 6-10 of 10 in USED Condition David De Angelo MASTERY with Women & Dating DVD Box Set - Volumes 6-10 Here is a description of the series of 10 DVDs of which we have Parts 6-10 on sale Product Description "This is my longest, most intense program.

I don't know where I would be now if I didn't click a link three years ago, and taken that leap.

Oh wait, I do know where I'd be: lonely on a Friday night wishing there was a beautiful woman next to me.

Lissa's post: "First of all, the majority of the regular members here are women.

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Maybe Double Your Dating works with brainless skanks who just want a one night stand, but it doesn't work with women with any intelligence or sense of self-worth. Contrary to what you say and believe, the type of guy I wanted is the kind who isn't so insecure that he has to read a manual to "get chicks." The type of guy who doesn't want to "get chicks" or "double his dating", but to have a real relationship with a real woman. I just described my husband." Serendipity's post: "The reason I worry about it?

David Deangelo tells you to get your head in the right place, and to start believing in yourself.